High English. Low Stress.

Low-stress doesn’t mean boring!


Let's keep our classes calm. I'm actually a pretty high energy person, but learning takes an even-tempered, cool-headed approach. Let's take it easy!


I speak English clearly with a "standard" North American English accent. In other words, I'm easy to understand, and I will show you how to be too.


Speaking well means believing in the quality of your ideas, not fearing the quality of your English. Let me help you be brave.

hey, I'm John

Have you ever been terrified of trying something new? I have!

After spending many years teaching university students (영남대, 고려대) I did something pretty risky.

I left my job to work full-time online.

And you know what? I’ve never been happier. I have fabulous clients and really exciting, rewarding work.

I’m well known as “a TOEFL guy” and that’s cool (click here for more about my TOEFL course). 

But about 50% of my billable hours are actually non-TOEFL. The point is, over the years, I’ve worked with thousands of students, and delivered thousands of classes. Thousands!!


Working in classrooms with dozens of students is a blast. But there is a problem with classroom learning: you don’t get direct access to your teacher for very long.

I specialize in providing high-energy classes with high-quality feedback.


I’m great at detecting and fixing baked-in patterns of errors.

Pronunciation problems? Grammar problems?  Vocabulary problems? Writing problems? TOEFL problems?

Check, check, check, check, check.Let’s work on those.

Let’s solve those!

How Lucky am I?

교수님의 강의에 대한 열의나 학생들을 정말 사랑하시는 모습이 보기 좋았어요.

It was really wonderful.

ジョンは私が出会った中で最高の先生です。TOEFL iBTの豊富な知識と生徒と効果的にコミュニケーションを取る優れたスキルを持っています、そしてとってもナイスガイです。

John, it was a really good class. After taking a test, you always gave feedback so, I was able to identify the insufficient part. It was always nice that you are very friendly with students and you praise and cheer students. Every time you repeat important part so I still remain it in my head. It was a wonderful lecture. I want to take your other classes.


I think, it was an interesting and high-spirited class.

수업이 너무 좋아서 다른 학생들에게 매우 추천해주고 싶어요모든 학생들이 이 교수님 수업을 들 었으면 좋겠어요Debate라는 수업에 알맞게 회화 실력도 향상되고 매우 도움이 되었습니다이 교 수님의 수업을 듣게 된 것이 정말 행운인 것 같아요매우 만족했던 수업이었습니다.

It is my best class!


I Have No More Fear!

John’s tutoring sessions were very helpful that I could successfully finish my studying abroad program in Europe haha   Thanks John! I love you.

Hailey Park – Korean exchange student

Very helpful for us to improve our ability to how to think by speaking in English and understanding of how to do presentations to many audiences on stage.

This class is very useful and helpful for students who really want to speak English in public. It made me improve my communication and presentation skills a lot. Also Professor. John is really kind and nice person in many ways. Thank you.

아마도 이 수업의 교수만큼 유쾌한 교수는 없을겁니다지금까지 들었던 모든 영어관련 수업 중 가장 압도적으로 좋았고 재미있었던 수업입니다. 우선 수 업 자체의 분위기가 아주 좋고(이는 교수의 리드가 있었기 때문수업도 정확히 목표를 설정하 고 하니 무엇을 배우는지 잘 알 수 있습니다또한 적절한 교재의 사용(어떤 수업은 아예 교재 를 안씁니다.) 흥미로운 과제 등 전반적으로 마음에 들지 않은 부분이 없습니다.

First of all, I can’t choose the adjective to describe Read Write Present. It was the best English class I’ve been taught. I am honored to be part of this class.

10/10 best English course ever.

Gotta say, this structure you taught me is really useful. Unlike those chaotic essays that I have written until this semester, new essays are much more clear and organized. 5 Stars – best English class ever – bravo!

존의 수업을 들으며 영어에 자신감이 없던 나를 자신감을 가지게 만들어주었으며, essay를 쓰는데 skill이라던가 기타 등등을 잘쓰는 방향으로 지도를 잘 해주었던 것 같다정말 유익한 수업이었다.

Thanks to John, my English skill seems to be improved so much.

Everything is good such as learning writing skills and speaking skills. When I compared my first paragraph and final paragraph, it was improved. Thank you for my smart classmates and lovely John 🙂

Professor John is always energetic!

Thank you for having a nice class with us. I’m very happy to learn about English writing and speaking. It was so meaningful class. I should register your class if you do it next semester.

It was so great time to study Academic English from Professor John.

It was really meaningful for me.

I’ll miss you John!! Thanks for teaching me with a great enthusiasm.

Last semester, English class makes me stressed out. But this English class makes me enjoy English ? Thank you~

Thank you for a great class, John!

Hi, John. Thanks for having a funny class. At first, I was afraid to have Academic English because I’m not good at English. But your class was so helpful and fun. I will register your class next time and that time I will do more effort than now.

I am so excited by the way that John teach us. The professor used audio-visual materials well, and he was clever of figuring out the solution of students’ mistake.

외국어로 진행되었음에도 불구하고 편안한 분위기로 강의를 해주셨기 때문에 무리없이 즐겁게 배울 수 있었던 것 같다.

While taking your classit was such a fun and enjoyable time. Sincerely, I’ll missing you. I was so glad to be your student. Thank you John!!

在我的托福考试之前,我选择了与John的一对一课程。我很高兴我当时这么做,因为我考 了103分。我简直无法相信!我在本特利大学的申请轻松的通过了,我现在在波士顿全职 学习,多亏了John和他出色的托福项目。

Fantastic class! It was the first time I met John. Personally, it was a great chance to learn and practice great skills. Even though I learned some skills before, this class was the best class for practice.

John is an excellent teacher!!!

It was an honor to take part in your class. Thank you for your enthusiasm to our students. I will miss you so much!!

John是我遇到过的最好的老师。他对新托福有很深的了解,还拥有与学生有效沟通的技 巧。他也是一个非常不错的人,非常亲和。

Thank you for having a great class, John!

I am so excited by the way that John teaches us.

 너무 좋아요 최고!!!!!


A Caring English Coach

In short, John is the best English professor and a best friend only one in the world. Take his TOEFL course because you won’t regret it. He is a caring coach.

Rachel Ko – Korean university student

Last semester, my English class professor always gave lessons just talking drivel. At that time I hated English class and actually I didn’t go that class sometimes ^^;; However this semester, I met  a very good professor. Through English class, I was motivated to study English and enjoyed English. I think Professor John is always energetic. Thanks for your authentic effort to teach me ?

在我的托福考试之前,我选择了与John的一对一课程。我很高兴我当时这么做,因为我考 了103分。我简直无法相信!我在本特利大学的申请轻松的通过了,我现在在波士顿全职 学习,多亏了John和他出色的托福项目。

I chose to have 1:1 classes with John for 8 weeks prior to my TOEFL exam. I am so glad that I did because I got a final score of 103. I couldn’t believe it! My application to Bentley University was accepted easily and I am now studying full-time in Boston, largely thanks to John and his excellent TOEFL program.

열정적인 교수님과 좋은 강의자료로 유익한 수업이었음.

The class was clear for writing and speaking three styles of contents: opinion, process, and descriptive paragraph. The professor used audio-visual materials well, and he was clever of figuring out the solution of students’ mistake. I enjoyed the class.