8 TOEFL Mistakes That Could Kill Your Score

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TOEFL Experts Answer:

What big mistake do students make when preparing for the TOEFL?

Danijela Jovanovic

WebsiteProfessional ESL Test Prep | Facebookgo | Contact: go

I have been helping International students solidify their English skills and  ace their Academic English exams for more than 16 years. As someone who wasn’t born, and didn’t grow up in an English speaking country, I have experienced most of what International Professionals are going through now.

Kirstyn Lazur

Website: TOEFL Land | Facebookgo | Contact: go

I don’t teach TOEFL because it’s about a test. If it were only about a test, I would’ve quit this job a long long time ago. I teach TOEFL because I get to be a part of someone’s life. I get to learn about their goals. I see their fears. I see their dreams. For me, this is a great honor.

Michael Goodine

Website: TOEFL Resources | Facebookgo | Contact: go

Practicing for the exam is hard. Other sites sell packages of practice tests, self-study material and computerized grading services that leave students confused and wanting more. In contrast, TOEFL Resources provides personal services. You can request a free consultation via Skype or Hangout to talk about what we can do for you.

Katie Mary

Website: House of TOEFL | Facebookgo | Contact: go

It is very difficult to get 26 on the speaking, but you can do it if you practice a lot and really work on getting to know the test. A great deal can be achieved and improved with practice, and if necessary, a competent tutor. If you need an overall score of 90 or 100, my advice is to focus on increasing your listening and reading scores on the TOEFL. 

Jonathan Huggins

Website: Huggins International | Facebookgo | Contact: go

I love connecting with fellow language learners, students, and teachers from around the world. Huggins International is the right place to get effective language learning advice, meet fellow language learners, and prepare for language exams and living abroad.

Josh MacPherson

Website: TST Prep | Facebookgo | Contact: go

Taking a test on language is much different than speaking it. Tests have a structure. When you understand the structure of a test, you’re more likely to master it. 

Sherlen Solen Tanner

Website: Our English Success | Facebookgo | Contact: go

It is my job to find solutions for your English language needs. I’m an English teacher with 15 years of experience and an exam coach who helps students get unstuck and finally learn the effective strategies to be successful in achieving high scores in TOEFL-IBT exam. I also specialize in teaching accent reduction to achieve natural sounding, clear English.

Miguel Marcano

Website:  Mike’s TOEFL Coaching | Facebookgo | Contact: go

You say you know English, yet you find yourself forgetting how to say certain things are you struggle to understand when people speak to you. Learning the language is just the first part; many people invest a great deal of money, energy and time to learn English, but they fail to keep practicing and as a result their fluency and understanding decreases over time.

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