3 Action Plans to Create a Better Learning Environment


A lot of what TOEFL Teachers do involves planning. With varying degrees of thoroughness, in-field instructors are constantly creating schemes and means to smooth classroom interactions and facilitate learning outcomes. Good teacher-devised learning plans, whether at the program level or the lesson level, are predictive, responsive, and adaptive.

The predictive stage is the period of time before you have any interaction with your students. Pre-course information is generally vague and inherited, so lessons, tasks, and their corresponding language targets should be sketched out to include broad themes and achievement statements.

Teacher Action: Align materials to suit the course description.

The responsive stage kicks in after you have met your students, their language skills have been assessed, and some general problems have been diagnosed. At this early point in the process you should return to the course outline, flesh out new lesson plans and tidy up those that you are recycling from previous classes. The original structure and progression of tasks might need to be modified, so add or remove complexity in accordance with your student’s abilities. This plan can now be summarized and shared as your class syllabus.

Teacher Action: Refine and share a syllabus.

As time goes by and you have developed rapport with your students, you will encounter some opportunities to target some specific problems that you did not forecast. Because you were not overly prescriptive at the outset, you now have the needed maneuverability to veer off in an unforeseen direction. Prepare new lesson plans that deal with the new learning opportunities, and include those in your repertoire.

Teacher Action: Address newly exposed problems immediately.

Well-considered approaches to the EFL classroom do more than offer clear paths to learning, they allow for unforeseeable problems to be exposed as coursework progresses. Teachers should look upon their collection of lesson plans not as a static heap of stuff to use in the classroom, but as adaptable and dynamic ideas that are constantly evolving to meet the learning needs of students.

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2 Replies to “3 Action Plans to Create a Better Learning Environment”

  1. Well prepared lecture is so important. First, it improves concentration in class. Various activities attract voluntary participation from students and help students focus more on their class. Second, students can study systematically. Because, syllabus helps students plan their study. Therefore, good teacher-devised learning plans are good for students as well as a teacher.

  2. There is a saying in America, “Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are,” There is validity to this.

    If you have friends who don’t care about studies, who don’t respect those who study hard then you (consciously or unconsciously) will be affected by them.
    It’s better to hang out with people who are natural leaders, because, even if you are a follower, you will pick up their habits and beliefs. In turn, you will become a better person for it.

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