Find Time to Relax

Find Time to Relax

A significant part of what I do as an EFL teacher is based on interaction. I am continually thinking about better ways to teach it. I am constantly surrounded by people engaged in it. In my classroom I am at times encouraging, demonstrating, explaining, monitoring, managing, and correcting it.

Interaction, in all of its forms, is really at the heart of what I do.

Like many teachers in the EFL world, I have been schooled into believing that a noisy, chatty classroom is the summit of small-group learning achievement. The continual noise made by pairs engaged in an interactive speaking activity is a signal that they are having fun. And, they’re on task. Teachers who can motivate learners to use English at decibel levels that cause envy in adjacent classrooms are certainly doing something right. But that doesn’t mean that they aren’t doing anything wrong.

Here’s a tip from a guy who used to go full throttle all the time, from start to end: build in a little wind-down time at the end of class. Your students need some time to process what they have learned, flip back through their books, ask a friend (or you!) to clarify or expand on a point. Perhaps most important, a few minutes at the end of each class will allow you to reflect on how you sequenced your activities and the effectiveness of your class in general.


In TOEFL Clear Strategies & Tactics, I talk about time management a lot.

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4 Replies to “Find Time to Relax”

  1. Interaction with teachers is very important for students. It is very significant whether students are old or young. Especially, because English is a language, interaction is more important in English class. I can’t English well, so I’m lacking in confidence to talk with foreigners. But, I think that English is more fun and I’m ok to talk with teacher a little through this class. I can grow up because there is a teacher who tries good interaction.
    -duhee Eom

  2. I agree to a your view 🙂
    Interacting parter in class gives a chance that improve our level of learning. Interaction through pair work maximises learning ability because learners who study english through group activities will maintain the lessons in their memory.

  3. As a student learning English, I agree that interaction is really important to teacher as well as to students. I personally think that further than interaction, more important thing is that make students well-motivated with interaction.

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