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TOEFL listeningI have a student who just “checks out” after listening to TOEFL practice lectures for about 1 minute. That seems to be his limit. He can understand what’s going on for about 60s, but then his eyes kind of glaze over.

He goes off to la-la land.

That’s because the TOEFL listening material is — how shall I put this delicately — boring! And human beings find it hard to pay attention to boring stuff. It’s even harder listening to dull material in your second or third language.


One piece of advice I give him is to imagine that he is listening to his mother. Ok, maybe that’s not the best example. But, find a way to listen carefully by imagining that the speaker is someone who you respect.

Find a way to pay attention. Focus.

Learning how to take great notes will keep you more engaged with the listening process.

Parents all know that English is a vital skill to have in order to succeed in school. Students use English not only in English class but in writing for science, social studies, journalism classes and more! English knowledge can improve students grades in all classes.Take TOEFL Notes for Improving Your Skill

TOEFL listening

If you are not a good note-taker, there’s a great lesson in Clear Strategies & Tactics on this topic. I show you how I take notes in real-time.

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