Take TOEFL Notes

Take TOEFL Notes

I have a student who just “checks out” after listening to TOEFL practice lectures for about 1 minute. That seems to be his limit. He can understand what’s going on for about 60s, but then his eyes kind of glaze over.

He goes off to la-la land.

That’s because the TOEFL listening material is — how shall I put this delicately — boring! And human beings find it hard to pay attention to boring stuff. It’s even harder listening to dull material in your second or third language.


One piece of advice I give him is to imagine that he is listening to his mother. Ok, maybe that’s not the best example. But, find a way to listen carefully by imagining that the speaker is someone who you respect.

Find a way to pay attention. Focus.

Learning how to take great notes will keep you more engaged with the listening process.

Writing a you listen will help you pay attention. And creating notes that actually look great will make you feel great. 

Don’t you remember that girl in high-school with the beautiful handwriting and perfectly-organized notebooks? It’s like that. 

You just gotta find a reason to care.

TOEFL listening

If you are not a good note-taker, there’s a great lesson in Clear Strategies & Tactics on this topic. I show you how I take notes in real-time.

If you are interested in learning even more about TOEFL Listening, check out my course Clear Strategies & Tactics

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