The Best TOEFL Course

One of the greatest English program I’ve had, patient and intelligent teacher, hope you all are going to like it and have fun! Good luck with your TOEFL. XD

Very Useful TOEFL Prep!

This class is very useful and helpful for students who really want to get a better TOEFL score. Also Professor. John is really kind.

John Healy is Mr. TOEFL

John knows his materials so well. When I tried to use a story memorized from a textbook he knew right away that it was not my story hahaha. He is great.

He Got Me Into University

Thanks to John I’m in Boston, not Tianjin. Enough said. The man is an excellent TOEFL instructor. This course is highly recommended.

John Loves Teaching

I’m really happy to meet a teacher like John who loves teaching TOEFL. I’ve taken many English classes so far, but John’s class was the best.

Caring TOEFL Coach

In short, John is the best English professor and a best friend only one in the world. Take his TOEFL course because you won’t regret it.

I Have No More Fear!

John’s tutoring sessions were very helpful that I could successfully finish my studying abroad program in Europe haha   Thanks John! I love you.

Thank You For Everything!

This is such a big opportunity to me; I’ll subscribe in hope to improve my English knowledge and better tips and advices from yours!! Thank so much !

The Best TOEFL Prep Ever

Definitely John is the greatest English teacher I’ve ever met before! Thanks to his help, I was able to enjoy whole precess of preparing TOEFL test.

Very Clever TOEFL Prep

I am so excited by the way that John teaches me. The videos are so great and John teaches with humor and energetic. I love this course.