What English Skills are YOU Working on?

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Research Write Present is an intensive 8-week Core Skills English program for elementary school students*

* EXCLUSIVELY for students of American Education and Thinking Academy

Develop Core Skills

  • understand internet RESEARCH methods
  • learn how to FOCUS on an academic task
  • develop GREAT time management skills
  • learn how to finish FIRST in English class
  • strengthen interpersonal communication
  • work collaboratively on team projects
  • create beautiful charts and infographics
  • explore your interests beyond the classroom

What John's Students Say

student’s really enjoy Research Write Present

Create Beautiful Content

John’s students use Google Slides, PowerPoint, and Keynote to add visual information to oral presentations.

I love John! He is a brilliant teacher, coach, and cheerleader. I have worked with him for two years now, and I have seen a significant improvement in my writing and design skills. From essays to short stories to presentations, John teaches it all!

Melinda Yu
Img_JH (1)

I love helping young learners JUST LIKE YOU make important academic breakthroughs.

In this elite course, I will show you exactly how to look for credible information online, how to source material correctly, how to write a high-school level 5 paragraph essay, how to create beautiful presentation slides, and how to deliver your talk with confidence and clarity.

Oh yeah, did I mention it's fun?

John Healy

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