Course Introduction

Course Introduction

This course is divided into 3 Modules, each with a specific goal:

Module #1: TOEFL Basics | sections 01, 02, 03, 04

Start with the fundamentals. Watch short, crisp video lectures. Listen to the world’s best experts explain the basic design of the TOEFL.

Goal: Understand format, timing, and scoring.

Module #2: TOEFL Strategies | sections 05, 06, 07

Move on to 3 sections full of strategic advice. Fast-streaming videos improve how you think about English and high-stakes exam prep.

Goal: Optimize your prep with free digital tools.

Module #3: TOEFL Tactics | sections 08, 09, 10, 11

Continue to the final stage of your training. Become a powerful TOEFL test-taker as you gain mastery over every aspect of the exam.

Goal: Apply specific techniques to score highly.

How to use the course

Navigate the lessons in sequence. Begin with the first lesson and proceed through the course lesson by lesson.

You can select Mark Complete to indicate you have completed a lecture.