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> this solution is advisable if you have a slow or unreliable internet connection

Ok, I had a lot of fun figuring this out – but you don’t need a Chinese number anymore. The installation package sill is in Chinese, and it is still tricky to install, but you should be able to do it with your regular phone number, like you can in the mobile app

Installation Procedure: TPO Desktop (Chinese Mobile Number Hack)

 1. Click the image below to access the installation file for Mac or PC.



2. Install the app. Open the app. Click this button at the top right corner of your screen.



3. You need to register. This app is only available to you if you have a Chinese mobile number, which you need to enter in a below. Once you enter your Chinese mobile number, you will receive a verification code which you need to enter in b and confirm in c. You need to enter in a username in d. Enter your password in e and confirm your password in f.



4. Get a Chinese number. Go to Phone Verification Service and sign up. Select Topup in the left sidebar menu a. Buy some credits in b.



5. Select Get Code in the menu a. Click Get Chinese Phone Number on the main screen b.


 6.  Choose Zhan in a. Click Capture Phone Number in b. Enter the Chinese number in TPO (3a, above) without the +86 prefix. Wait for d to be populated with a verification code. Enter that code in TPO (3b, above). Click confirm (3c, above).


* Watch the video above to see this in real-time.
Note: if you are using TPO App Desktop and TPO App Mobile (see next lesson), use the same sign-in credentials so your records are synchronized.

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