Turbo Tactics

TOEFL Turbo Tactics

Fast TOEFL Training

If you’re in a hurry and are already comfortable with the exam, read on. 

Inside TOEFL Turbo Tactics, you will learn exactly how to:

  • Make the clock your friend not your enemy
  • Understand patterns that all tests share
  • Leverage statistics and past-test analyses
  • Learn proven response templates for S + W

About John Healy

I’m a TOEFL nerd. I have spent a lot of my time figuring out the test! You could too, if you know how standardized tests are made. But you don’t have to. I’ve done it for us.

The Human Element

We know that each TOEFL exam is designed by humans. I studied this stuff (I have a Master’s in TESOL), and I was a test designer in a Korean university, so I understand what it’s like to be in the room co-developing a test.

Reverse Engineering

Fortunately, there are dozens of old TOEFL exams in the public domain. So if you are nerdy like me, it is possible to analyze these tests and detect patterns that reveal how they are constructed. 

Because I understand standardized test design principles, I see what is happening in tasks that many can’t. That insight into the development of TOEFL exams is super valuable for us, because we can make predictions about what type of content we can expect in future exams.

Let’s Study With It!

Join me in my quest to shed some light on ways and means of using an analytical approach to problem solving in the TOEFL! I will help you understand why you are underperforming in certain sections, and how best to overcome those limitations.

Earn Your Dream Score

There are two learning packages. See the FAQ for more info.

Clear Strategies & Turbo Tactics

$ 69
  • 78 Lessons
  • Digital Tools
  • Courseware
  • Templates

TOEFL Turbo Tactics

$ 29
  • 26 Lessons
  • Digital Tools
  • Courseware
  • Templates


Most frequent questions and answers

TOEFL Clear Strategies & Tactics is an end-to end course that features 3 sections: TOEFL Basics, TOEFL Strategies, and TOEFL Tactics.

Turbo Tactics is the 3rd section of the Clear Strategies & Tactics course.

It is more affordable for students who already know the test and need advanced methods, and workarounds to +10 their scores.

If you are familiar with the TOEFL and have an 80+ score, Turbo Tactics is your best move.

Panicking rarely helps but if you are short on time, Turbo Tactics is designed for you. I

t’s for “high-skilled, high-urgency” students. For example, if you are looking to +10 your score quickly, take this course, especially if you have 80+ already.

If you are here, you are probably not looking for an expensive teacher.

However, I do have connections to the best TOEFL coaches in the industry, so hit me up and I’ll give you some names.