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TOEFL Training
Optimized for 2019!

3 Training Modules


TOEFL Basics

Learn TOEFL basics by watching short, clear video lessons that describe the TOEFL format, timing, and content.

37 Videos
12 hours training time


TOEFL Strategies

Learn TOEFL strategies by watching easy-to-understand video demonstrations that show you how to prepare.

20 Videos
16 hours training time


TOEFL Tactics

Master TOEFL tactics with easy-to-understand, proven analytical frameworks that will boost your score.

23 Videos
8 hours training time

This module is also available as a stand-alone course! Learn more…

Your TOEFL Coach

Hi! I’m John and I’ll be your guide through this course. The program has been planned with you in mind. I’ve created short, focused lectures that help you solve ONE problem at a time. And you know what?

It’s fun!

The course is non-drip and totally self-paced. Whether you have the TOEFL in a week or a year, you’ll find a lot to like here. I’ll see you inside the program!

John Healy



Presuming that you follow the course, complete each section, and complete the recommended extra-curricular activities, a 10-point jump in your TOEFL score is a reasonable expectation.


Why use 3rd party content? Clear Strategies and Tactics uses TPO (TOEFL Practice Online) – the very best and the most authentic TOEFL prep materials available anywhere.​


A powerful library of free digital tools expands your ability to interact with skill building technology to improve your Reading, Listening, Speaking, and Writing. And don't forget about vocabulary!


Use simple time management strategies and engaging HD video courseware to energize your studying behavior. In-built accountability systems focuses you on exactly what you need to succeed.


Inside Your
3-Module, 80-Video, 36-Hour TOEFL Training Course

Clear Lessons & Explanations

Follow along with John as he guides you through each section of the TOEFL with:

A) clear video lectures, B) organized course syllabus; and C) downloadable materials 

Access short, laser focused lessons that walk you through every task and task type, every question and question type.

Access real Speaking responses and analyze real Writing samples!

Sample Responses: Speaking

Access high scoring responses to all 6 tasks and understand exactly how John created them.

A) recording of real high-level speakers, and B) instructions on how to answer each question type

Actual ETS Rater comments are used to help you align the response with the prompt, comments and the TOEFL Speaking rubric.

Sample Essays: Writing

Access high scoring essays to both writing tasks and understand exactly how John created them.

A) simple writing templates, and B) color coded paragraph structure 

Actual ETS Rater comments are used to help you align the response with the prompt, comments, and the TOEFL Writing rubric.

Life Changing TOEFL Training

Optimized for 2019

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Ask John

Updated March 5, 2019

I am an English teacher. Will this course help?

Yes. If you are an online teacher looking to expand your service offering, test prep is a lucrative and rewarding business. There are lots of hacks out there who don’t know the test, who don’t take the test, and/or who have no teaching credentials. You’ll learn a lot from my teaching methodology and approach to lesson planning and pacing.

How long is Clear Strategies & Tactics?

There are 80 videos with an average watch time of 7 minutes. So that’s about 9 hours of video content. I suggest that you spend at least another 20-40 hours in mock tests and practice tasks. With supplementary exam materials and all the other free goodies I have for you, best to think of this as a hard-core 1-month assignment, or, if you’re planning ahead, 1 hour per day for 3 months should give you enough prep time to make very significant advances in your core skills.

Do I need a high English level?

Good question. The course is completely in English, so if you’re a low beginner, you will find it difficult to understand. Check out some sample lectures to make sure you understand me. I am a professional ESL/EFL instructor, so I do modify my speech (slow down slightly). Check out an example of my English speaking style here.

What about the courseware?

The training program has worksheets and pdfs and other content that you can use at home to build skills. What’s more is a library of fantastic digital resources that will expand your library of tools and help you build TOEFL skills faster.

Which training program is best for me?

If you are preparing for the TOEFL iBT exam, you need to gather insights into the test. The TOEFL is a high-stakes test that requires planning, preparation, and strategic thinking. Gathering all this intelligence online is soul crushing and time consuming. You need a great coach and a great training program. 

Do you guarantee results?

Inasmuch as a teacher can. I don’t want to be coy, but it really depends on the amount of work that you put into your training. I’m giving you all the tools you need – all of them. If you are looking for more personalized training, I do offer private coaching, but tbh I’m pretty expensive. If you are unhappy with the course, please let me know and I’ll give you a refund.

Do you have a "TOEFL System"?

Yes. You will be taught a systematic approach to analyzing input (question prompts, text, listening material) and applying task-specific approaches to output correct responses. For example, you will learn how to use time cues to structure your Speaking answers.

Do you coach groups?

Yes. If you are interested in scheduling a group class you can schedule a free consultation with John here.