Are You a TOEFL Guru?

Test Your TOEFL IQ

1. What is the top score you can get on the TOEFL?

2. How many sections are there on the TOEFL?

3. What does TOEFL stand for?

4. How many speaking tasks are on the TOEFL?

5. What is the time limit for the Writing Section of the TOEFL?

6. According to ETS, how many people have taken the TOEFL?

7. What is the charge for a Speaking or Writing Section score review on the TOEFL?

8. Which are the Independent Speaking Questions on the TOEFL?

9. How long do you have to complete the Listening Section of the TOEFL?

10. What's the maximum number of multiple choice questions you'll see in a TOEFL Reading Passage?

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