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TOEFL Strategies

Understand - exactly - every inch of the TOEFL iBT. Learn how to optimize your time and use free digital tools lying around the internet to power up your skillset. Become a super-learner and a powerful problem-solver. Get strategic!

TOEFL Tactics

Understand - exactly - what to do in every Section and every Task. Learn how to use Question-type analysis to breakthrough problems in the Reading and Listening Sections. Optimize your skills with Answer-mapping. Get tactical!

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TOEFL Basics

Phase 1 Short, crisp video lectures from the world’s leading TOEFL experts explain TOEFL structure. 

Goal: Understand format, timing, and scoring. 

35 video lectures

TOEFL Strategies

Phase 2a Fast-streaming videos help you improve your English and approach to high-stakes exam preparation. 

Goal: Optimize your prep with free digital tools.

25 video lectures

TOEFL Tactics

Phase 2b Extend your powerful video training with a dive into every section and task of the TOEFL iBT. 

Goal: Know how to answer every question.

30 video lectures


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  • Get access to 100% of the course for life.

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Master Every TOEFL Section

TOEFL iBT Reading

Learn the 7 types of questions asked in the exam. Skim and scan text. Use context to solve comprehension problems.

TOEFL iBT Listening

Learn the structure of conversations and lectures. Take notes. Recognize the difference between signal words, and academic jargon.

TOEFL iBT Speaking

Learn simple storytelling skills. Organize your ideas quickly. Apply speaking templates and talking points to communicate clearly.

TOEFL iBT Writing

Learn the 6-sentence paragraph solution. Apply a simple planning and writing process to manage your time and catch mistakes.

Welcome to my world. 

That’s the TOEFL world. I love figuring out how to use specific approaches – learning strategies and tactics – to solve hard academic problems. The TOEFL is one of those hard problems. 

But it’s totally solvable. 

The test is designed to be valid and reliable, and that means that much of the content is predictable. 

Join me in my fun, pretty intense TOEFL iBT training program. Let me help you get the TOEFL score you need. As I say to all my students: the test is hard enough. Let’s not take it twice.

John Healy


FAQ | 2018

Can I become a TOEFL teacher?

Yes. If you are an online teacher looking to expand your service offering, test prep is a lucrative and rewarding business. There are lots of hacks out there who don’t know the test, who don’t take the test, and who have little credentials. You’ll learn a lot from my teaching methodology and approach to lesson planning and pacing.

How long is the course?

There are 99 videos with an average watch time of 7 minutes. So that’s about 12 hours of video content. I suggest that you spend at least another 20-40 hours in mock tests and practice tasks. With supplementary exam materials and all the other free goodies I have for you, best to think of this as a hard-core 1-month assignment, or, if you’re planning ahead, 1 hour per day for 3 months should give you enough prep time to make very significant advances in your core skills.

What about my English level?

Good question. The course is completely in English, so if you’re a low beginner, you might find it difficult to understand. Check out some sample lectures to make sure you understand me. I am a professional ESL/EFL instructor, so I do modify my speech (slow down slightly). Check out an example of my English speaking style here.

What about the courseware?

The training program has worksheets and pdfs and other content that you can use at home to build skills, even when you’re offline. What’s more is a list of fantastic digital resources that will expand your library of tools and help you build TOEFL skills faster.

What should I buy this course?

If you are preparing for the TOEFL iBT exam, you need to gather insights into the test. The TOEFL is a high-stakes test that requires planning, preparation, and strategic thinking. Gathering all this intelligence online is soul crushing and time consuming. You need a great coach and a great training program. Watch this video and see if my approach fits with your learning style.

Do you guarantee results?

Inasmuch as a teacher can. I don’t want to be coy, but it really depends on the amount of work that you put into your training. I’m giving you all the tools you need – all of them. If you are looking for more personalized training, I do offer private coaching, but tbh I’m pretty expensive. If you are unhappy with the course, please let me know and I’ll give you a refund.

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Powerful TOEFL Training

Welcome to Clear Strategies & Tactics

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